4 few days i having a strange feeling that make me think….and i m getting sentimentil in this..

how could all this happen??

does peoples can’t have a good prejudice again….??

should i live with to much carefully…??

how could we trust someone….???

when people have bad experience and its too ekstrem….maybe and it could be

influence his/her mind to peoples…

i just afraid if we too something…, like one tabloid writings that i read
its about a trait apprehension hamstring….that writtings said:

few anxiousness could help us to recognize trouble, but often that the anxiousness
poisened and maimed. Rude our ability to finished trouble till the trouble still
exist or worst and make us more anxious and more stress…

heres steps/advice from some specialist/expert to helps this trait apprehension:

1. find another focus
2. anxious with friend, do not ever anxious by your self
3. taking an action, make some best possible conclusion
4. let it go

and here the quiz to know how much anxious you are..

1. does most people told you not too anxiouss too much?
2. are you worried about something bad will happen when everything is OK?
3. is the anxiousness make you not striving for what your desire in whole your life??
4. is the anxiousness make you not confortable and cannot sleep all night?
5. are you often chase away the anxiousness with food, alcohol, or shopping?

if your answer yes is more than 2, it is opssible that you need to have short period
of counselling..

hufft…i hope i m not the one… 😀

i always thinking advice no 3, i afraid if i often too much take problem seriously
i will loose my chance to get happiness, what the most i really wanted in this world..:)

i think its naturall if you anxious to something..,but still i think its not
good too anxious in another incident whatever it is.

wallahualam bishowab, we have free choise to make it better…
and we hold the control to make it better…
we still can make bad things becoming good things… 🙂

we decide all that..

recently i have song list that i most lictened.
the compilation better than thingking complication..hehehehehh


One thought on “Anxious…

  1. one song again you must listen,,, evergreen from DBSK. that will make you cry, like when you hear song john legend with someday.

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