Picture of Perfection

(A Poem by Brian K. Blackden)

Let not the pigment of my skin describe me

it is merely a covering to my soul

I am not imprisoned by your glances

your whispers fall unheard

In contrast to most,my body unique
Let me take you on a journey

close your eyes and listen

take my hand and walk in my footsteps

We talk and express our deepest thoughts

dreams spontaneously shared
Hopes and desires quite similar

fears and acceptance a reality

As we walk in an aromatic field of flowers

smelling the bounty in an unbridled breeze

nature begins to beautify the unsighted view
Two people unknown to one another

Conversing, growing, blossoming, learning

As we near the road to return to home

open your eyes and look upon the picture

You now see me whole, in all my perfection
Brian K. Blackden © 2006


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