Succesful of the second healing process,,, i guess

Thank God,,,, Alhamdulillah,,, today i decided to share my experience bout my vitiligo healing. Actually, i don’t want to share this yet before i have 100% healing, but i will share this now,,

I am the one and maybe the only one vitiligan who take the less medicine, i know saveral of drugs to cure it, or several technique for healing, but i decided to use just one ointment, which is Ikaderm while most of my friends use Protopic ointment. Why? Because i think the protopic has more high dosage than Ikaderm, so i am afraid if i used the protopic for a loong time period will infuence my body.

But, the good news is,,,,for couple monts later i used Ikaderm for my few lesi on my body, and i see the healing for 88%,,,very glad, beside i use that ointment i consume the Al-Jazira Premium. It’s kinda herbal food which made from dates, olive oil, black cumin, and honey…
i believed that because they have many benefit for vitiligan.
Dates, balck cumin and honey are very good for immune and olive oil is good for pigmentation.

I would like to share the picture before and after, but im so sorry because i am muslimah so i cant show it. Maybe if you muslimah too and if we meet i can show you the healing.

this is my experience,,,hope this is will usefull for you too…


6 thoughts on “Succesful of the second healing process,,, i guess

  1. pengen masuk ke grup sahabat vitiligo… tp kok gk ktemu ya grupnya?

  2. Congratulation Teteh… Al-Jazira Premium di mana belinya Teh?

  3. Hi.. Senang mendengar anda menemukan perawatan yg cocok untuk anda.. Apakah saya bertanya ttg obat2 tersebut?? Mgkn via chat dri ym, fb atau email.. Sudah hampir 13 tahun saya mengalami vitiligo yg sekarang terus membesar,, untuk perempuan, rasanya ini sangat2 mengganggu.. Saya terkadang merasa putus asa, dan lelah dgn obat steroid yg saya konsumsi, krn bukan nya sembuh dri vitiligo, saya malah mengalami moonface dll.. Thx b4

    • hi melissa…
      saya jg masih blum seratus persen, tp progress ada,
      klo ym : mojang_numanistea
      fb : masu
      k ke grup sahabat vitiligo aja, nti sy add, trims ya 🙂

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