Succesful of the second healing process,,, i guess

Thank God,,,, Alhamdulillah,,, today i decided to share my experience bout my vitiligo healing. Actually, i don’t want to share this yet before i have 100% healing, but i will share this now,,

I am the one and maybe the only one vitiligan who take the less medicine, i know saveral of drugs to cure it, or several technique for healing, but i decided to use just one ointment, which is Ikaderm while most of my friends use Protopic ointment. Why? Because i think the protopic has more high dosage than Ikaderm, so i am afraid if i used the protopic for a loong time period will infuence my body.

But, the good news is,,,,for couple monts later i used Ikaderm for my few lesi on my body, and i see the healing for 88%,,,very glad, beside i use that ointment i consume the Al-Jazira Premium. It’s kinda herbal food which made from dates, olive oil, black cumin, and honey…
i believed that because they have many benefit for vitiligan.
Dates, balck cumin and honey are very good for immune and olive oil is good for pigmentation.

I would like to share the picture before and after, but im so sorry because i am muslimah so i cant show it. Maybe if you muslimah too and if we meet i can show you the healing.

this is my experience,,,hope this is will usefull for you too…